Trail Mix to Jesus

As a children’s director for our church I’m always trying to think of what we can do to add one more sensorial element to our Bible stories and lessons.

A few years ago I began handing out this fun snack for the church service closest to Christmas. We forgo Sunday school and children’s worship that 1 day of the year and have a family service. I usually make an activity or gift bag and then put this little treasure in it.


You’ll have to walk the aisles of your own store to see what you can find for the different elements.

Angel= mini pretzel twists
Baby Jesus= a small ginger bread boy cookie (Stauffer’s and Pepperidge Farms both make yummy ones.)
Hay= potato matchsticks
Animals= animal crackers (not the circus cookies, but the plain Stauffer’s brand)
Star= (This has changed every year depending on what’s available) Cinnamon Toast Crunch Stars cereal, star shaped marshmallows, small iced star cookies
Gifts of Gold= gold foil wrapped candy (Rolo candy  is nut free, Hershey Kisses with Almonds)

Below you’ll find the PDF I created to print on a full sized label that is attached to a zip bag.

Trail Mix To Jesus w Gold

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